Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh blog, how I've missed you!

Every now and then (read: nearly every day) I'll think of something that would be great to blog about 'when I get a chance' and then when I finally get that chance I sit here staring at the screen - blank.
I need to start keeping a book with me to keep track of this stuff.

I've been missing my daily blogging but wow - who's got the time?! I've been sewing a lot. I've got two orders to work on tonight plus I've been trying to build up a reserve...June is not far away.  I also bring home work most nights. Though, that will start to decrease. Let me tell you why.

I have a fantastic Principal, that's why.

See, because we (the ECE's) are a new position and because we're starting from scratch with a new union we have NO planning time. This means that while we are expected to plan both collectively with the teacher as well as alone we are not allotted any time in the work day to do it. So there are three things that can happen. You can not do any planning (in which case you're nothing more than a high paid assistant) You can stay before and after school and plan and not be paid for it. Or you can do it at home, on your own time...and not be paid for it.
Up to now, I've been doing it more or less on my own time. I go to work an hour early everyday, partly to plan, partly to beat traffic. I stay(ed) late once  a week to meet with the teacher to plan.

Then an idea crossed my mind. When we take our class to the library there is the librarian, the teacher and me. Do we really need 3 teachers there? No, not really. So my fellow ECE approached the Principal and asked if we could use that 30 min a week to plan. Not only did he say yes but he also said we could use the IT time too provided the IT teacher was okay with it.

So now, I get minimum 30 min's planning time a week - usually I take 60. An hour might not seem like much but it's huge considering we're not 'granted' any. And it means I no longer stay late one night a week and only bring work home on weekends.

Then there's my kids....between gymnastics, craft clubs, piano lessons...I feel like there's never a night in which I can just come home from work, get into pj's and relax.

My poor blog is suffering.

I promise dear readers...I'll pick up the pace a bit. I'm going to have some awesome video of my little man READING!! yeah baby!!

Off to sew.

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