Monday, November 29, 2010

Social Experiments

On Saturday night I drove to a bus shelter on a busy corner. I put the Tim Hortons gift card along with a note saying something to the effect of "You've just received a random act of kindness. Please enjoy a coffee (or hot chocolate or tea) on me. Have a great day and please, pass the kindness on." in an envelope and taped it to the bus shelter. I wrote OPEN ME with a smiley face on the envelope.

Two hours later it was still there.

All day was still there.

This morning when I drove to work, it was still there....AND....there were two people standing at the bus stop.

This afternoon when I came home from work it was gone...finally. I hope whoever found it appreciated it.

I have to wonder why it took so long for it to be taken. It's a busy bus stop, that's why I chose it. And yet it sat there unclaimed for a full day plus more. Are people afraid to open things that say Open Me?
I guess, if it were me standing in the bus stop I'd be thinking...hmmm....where's the camera? Allen Funt is long dead but there are all kinds of other 'candid camera' style shows on. I'd be wondering who was watching...I'm not sure I'd open an envelope taped to a bus shelter.

I'm thinking next month I'll try something similar. This time I'll try a new place and see how long it takes for it to be taken.

An interesting social experiment to say the least.

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