Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I have an online friend who's darling son, Kaelen, was born sleeping last year. 
A few days ago she sent an email to her friends and family explaining that she doesn't want his Christmas stocking to hang empty this year. So she's asked that everyone commit one random act of kindness in his memory and email the details to her. She will print them out, stuff them into his stocking and on Christmas morning she and her family will sit around and read about all the goodness done in her sons name.

Take a minute to wipe the'd have to be a cold hearted hag to not be moved by the thought.

Naturally I'm going to participate and have already begun.

I got to thinking the other day on my way to work though - why do we only do these things around the holidays or in the memory of someone who's died. Why are we not doing these things all the time, just because.

So, I've decided I am going to. I'm going to commit at least one random act of kindness every month. It might not be huge - perhaps paying the coffee of the person in line behind me at Timmies. I am hoping that I can do bigger ones too - I'm not sure what yet but I'll think of something.

Anyhow, this month, and in memory of Kaelen, I've bought a $5 Tim Hortons card. I'm going to tape it to a bus shelter with a note for whoever finds it, wishing them a pleasant day and hoping they'll pass the kindness on.  I thought about just passing it to the person behind me in line at Tim's but it doesn't seem random enough. And while it would be nice to see the persons reaction, I kind of think it will be nice to just imagine it. I know that the few times I've been lucky enough to have someone anonymously pay for my coffee it's really made my day. I hope this makes someone's day too. 

And it's good for the soul.

So I'm encouraging you all too  - you'll feel great  - and if the only reason you're doing it is to lift yourself up - it doesn't really matter - because in the end you're probably going to make someone smile.

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