Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Showing off and a little wine

Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was bare last night and there was nothing to take to work for lunch today. But since it was payday for Sean AKA grocery shopping day I smiled, snuggled close and begged him to bring me in some lunch today. I guess squashing my boobs up against him helped because he agreed to.

So I got to show him off. Yeah, silly, I know, but my hubby is pretty freakin' hot and I wanted to show him off a bit. And my little man Connor is pretty freakin' adorable (even if he does cram his fingers up his nose when he gets shy or nervous)

So I got to be the proud peacock and introduce them to a few of the staff. Yeah, I know, it's stupid....but that's me.

So earlier in the day the teacher and I are chatting and she pulls out a bottle of wine from her bag. My first thought is "Sweet - liquid lunch!"
So she tells me that she was talking with her husband (also a teacher) about our working together and the things I'm doing in the classroom (she seems to think I'm going above and beyond - I just think I'm doing my job) so her husband bought me a bottle of wine. Apparently he had wanted her to stress to me that it was from him, not from her.

It was so sweet and really appreciated (not just because I love a good bottle of wine) but because it was nice to hear that she genuinely does appreciate me and my hard work. I mean, I know she says it in the class all the time and thanks me all the time but there is that little insecure part of me that says "Ah, she's just a nice person, really though, you're irritating the crap out of her and she thinks your a half wit" I guess that little voice can shut the hell up now.

So I'm going to enjoy my bottle of wine, look forward to showing off my sexy husband some more at the Christmas party and enjoy life.

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  1. Love this! I also love showing off my husband ;-)