Friday, November 26, 2010

Advent wreaths and birthday cake

Monday is the start of Advent (the Christian beginning of the Christmas season - not to be confused with the end of Thanksgiving/Christmas tree displays go up in the stores)

I made three Advent wreaths for my class and we'll be sending them home with the kids along with a book of prayers so they can do a small family Advent celebration. It brings the religion curriculum home. My own kids did this when they were in Kindergarten and they loved having their turn to bring the wreath home.

So the other day I was putting together the prayer booklets when the  Principal came into the room and saw the wreaths. He loved the idea and then went further to ask me to make a wreath for every classroom in the Monday.

Being eager to impress the new boss, naturally I said yes. Trips to 4 WalMarts to find all the necessary items (I'm still one wreath short) I got (almost) everything I needed and got to work.

Here's the thing. An Advent wreath has 4 candles, three purple and one pink. It's freakishly hard to find pink candles. I know, weird right?
So I got a pack of candles, it has red, peach and a light peach/pink. Now I'll admit, I'd hoped it would be more pink but it's as close as I could come and next to the purple it does look pink.

So I brought some in to work yesterday and the secretary commented on the candles.....GRRRRRR. She didn't mean anything by it but it rubbed me and now I'm second guessing myself. The thing is, it's the same as the wreaths the Principal saw and loved so I don't know why I'm worrying....

that's just me.

Yesterday was my Dad's 64th birthday. We had an ice cream cake to celebrate. I was telling my mom about a friend who's Dad passed away a year ago this week and that she'd confided in me that no one seemed to remember and offer her support that day and how sad that made me I said I think that unless you have lived it it's hard to understand how important anniversaries like that are to some of us. My mom told me that she was afraid to mention my Dad's birthday yesterday because she was worried we would all think she was morbid.

It's funny the way people think. Oddly enough I was worried about bringing my mom down. She's still on such a high, having only returned from her three week trip to Italy on Wednesday. I didn't want to bring her down by reminding her that it's her husbands birthday and that she only went to Italy because he's no longer here.  But I also didn't want to overlook the day for me or for the kids. And as it turns out, it was just what we all needed.

It's time to look forward. One more month until Christmas. I better get busy!

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