Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Friday is the most wonderful day of the week. It's the last day of work. If you play hooky it's the first day of your weekend. It's the one day you can spend looking forward to the next.

And that is why buying any product that was made on a Friday sucks. Friday built cars break down more often than cars made on any other day. Well, I'm guessing the same goes for computers.

We bought an HP in July. We had an HP prior to this one that lasted us for 9 solid years. It only ever had one problem, in it's 8th year and my brother was able to correct it for less than $30. So naturally when it came time to buy again I went with HP.
I have a friend who works for HP. She told me to get a Mac. She said, get an Acer. She said get an IBM. She said, don't get an HP. I should have listened.

Since July I've had this POS in to be fixed 3 times. All in the last two months. I've also discovered because of this that as much as I like the convenience of a laptop, I wouldn't want one as my every computer.

Well, my computer is home again. Hopefully to stay this time as I have a lot of homework to do and pictures to upload and daycare advertising to do...

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