Thursday, July 9, 2009

When it rains it pours

Self employment sucks sometimes! I mean, I do enjoy the perks of not commuting, of being at home to raise my kids and of being my own boss. But I'm not so much in love with the instability of it all.
I found out last night that I'm losing a client. Frankly, I'm not surprised. I expected it because with everything that's gone on over the past month I've had to close several times and they were the most affected by the closures. They say it's to send her to a Christian based centre. I don't think they're lying but I'm sure the events of the past month or so led them that way. They said they've been meaning to tell me but with all that has gone on with my dad it never seemed like the right time. In one regard it's not totally bad, Connor is having issues with the little girl and much of my day is spent putting out fires and breaking up fights. She's not a good sleeper so some days are stressful because I'm working 11 hours without a break.
But, she's a sweet little girl, I was really looking forward to this coming fall and starting the new toddler program for her and Connor. And sometimes I take it very personally when a client leaves.
It's silly. I'm the first person to say that not every provider/parent relationship works. I've been so very lucky with some clients to have built not just great business relationships but friendships as well. But it's also rare (in centres and home daycare) to have kids stay for years upon years. I've been extremely lucky with two clients in particular one past and one present. I love their kids to death and have built such good relationships with their parents. I guess I just wish that every client was like that.
Plus, I really, really, really hate breaking in new families!

And to rub salt in my wounds, one of my other families is moving and I will possibly lose another child before school starts.
And to add insult to injury I discovered last night that the site I use to host my daycare website is closing so I have to rebuild it somewhere else. As if I don't have enough to do.

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