Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just like Mom

Emily is so much more like me than I ever thought possible.
I remember at her age going to sleepovers at friends houses and having anxiety attacks and wanting nothing more than to go home. I always stuck it out but more often than not, I hated it. the funny thing is, I always wanted to go again.

Emily has come home from 4 of her 6 sleepovers. I'm fine with that. I get it. I feel bad for her friends but it's just how she is.

She doesn't fare much better with friends sleeping over here. Now granted, my patience level isn't always the best. My home is host to other children 11 hours a day 5 days a week so weekends are for family and I am not huge on having other kids here on weekends. That said, the girls do have their friends over and I trudge through.
So last night Emily had her best friend sleep over. Emily's best friend is a nice kid but she's loud. Oh, so loud. And that is one of those things that grinds my nerves. But again, I don't want Emily feeling like her friends never get to come over or sleep over so I smile and take two Tylenol.

Last night went something like this.
9:00 - put a movie on the for the girls in their room. Ask them to keep the noise down because Connor is sleeping. Remind them that they don't need to get up and tell me when the movie is done, just go to sleep when it's over.
9:10 - Emily's best friend to the bathroom
9:15 - Emily to the bathroom
9:30 - Mary Jo to the bathroom
9:45 - Emily out to get the DS so she and bff can 'text' each other
10:00 - loud giggles from the room and a reminder that Connor is sleeping
10:30 - Mary out to tell me the movie is over
10:45 - Emily's bff to the bathroom
11:00 - Emily to the bathroom
11:30 - Sean and I attempt to go to bed
11:35 - Emily out crying because she can't get comfy on the air mattress (which was for her friend but her friend doesn't like air mattresses apparently so Emily offered her bed up)
Send Emily to sleep on the couch
11:40 - Emily back in her own room
11:45 - Emily back in our room crying because she can't get comfy and has a stomach ache and needs to throw up.
11:50 - Emily throws up
11:55 - Emily in my bed, Sean on the couch
12:00 am - finally everyone going to sleep.

And all this is caused by the same anxiety I have. It's the ' I like having company until it interferes with my routine and life and then I want everyone to go away and when they don't it makes me feel physically sick'

And the ironic part of all of this is, she's having one of the daycare kids sleep over on Wednesday night. I offered her a way out of the sleepover in which she could save face and it would be my fault. But nope, she wants her friend to sleep over and was upset that I suggested otherwise.

Just like her mom.

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