Friday, July 3, 2009

It's potty time!

I should preface this by saying I'm not actually actively trying to potty train Connor yet. He's a boy and I know it will take him a bit longer than his sisters did.

My mom helped potty train Emily. I was still working full time and my mom was looking after her. Emily was trained at around 20 months.
Mary Jo was trained at the same age. In fact, the very first time she told me she had to pee was during Emily's 5th birthday party. (I still remember what Mary was wearing too - go figure)

I've had Connor's potty out for some time now. He sits on it before his bath (he loves sitting on it), he puts things in it. He likes pushing the sensors so it sings (it's a 'royal potty' so it has two sensors on the bottom of the bowl that when they get peed or pooped on they make a trumpet sound) He also loves our peeing in the potty song (a song we made up when potty training Emily)
But up until now he's never actually peed or pooped in it.
So the other night, while I ran his bath he was sitting on his potty. I decided to drip a little water down his back (much like the old run water to make them pee trick, this one works equally as well) My reasoning being that in order for him to really 'get' what the potty is for he needs to have an 'accident' in it first so we can make a big deal about his peeing in it.
Sure enough that drip of water helped and he peed, a little bit, in the potty. I've learned though that he's able to cut it off though. So he peed a bit but stopped himself and held the rest until he was in the tub. But, I made a big deal about it, his sissy's made a big deal about it and Nana made a big deal about it and he even got to flush the toilet (something he's not otherwise allowed to do)
So the next night I tried it again. We sat on the potty before pajama time but this time nothing happened. So I told him to sit tight while I went to get him a diaper. While I was gone I heard the trumpet sound from the potty but assumed it was him playing in it. I came back into the bathroom to see him standing in a pile of pee, holding the potty bowl in his hand. Apparently he had peed in it while I was gone and thought he'd help Mommy out by dumping it in the toilet. He ended up dumping it all over his feet instead.
He peed in it again last night, after 10 long minutes of singing. (Really, I'm done after about 2 minutes, he had other plans though)

It's a start I suppose. I'm not ready for underpants boot camp yet and I don't think he is either but he sure is enjoying the praise he's getting from his nightly pee. And truth be known, I'm pretty darn happy about it too.

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