Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Goal

The day is getting closer. July 20. That's the day I register for the fall semester at school.
I've finally made the decision on what I'm going to do when I grow up. I've even got a time line. So here it is, I'm going to put it here for all the world to see. It will keep me honest, focused and terrified to disappoint.

I'm going to take the Early Childhood Education Administration course. Basically it's an administration course for ECE's. The extent of my experience in centre based administration is limited to the *title enhancement* and raise I got at the centre I worked at when pregnant with Mary. I applied for the Supervisor position knowing full well they wouldn't hire me for it, despite the fact that I had the most seniority in the centre at the time because A: I was 7 month pregnant and they knew full well I didn't plan on coming back after my mat leave and B: I was one of the *old* employees, which meant they were basically cooking up a reason to dismiss me as they done with all of my *old* co workers who hadn't otherwise quit. But they couldn't tell me they weren't giving me the job because I was pregnant because that is against the law and they couldn't tell me I was qualified because I'd worked there for 10 years and knew it inside and out. So the ED gave me a *shut up* promotion and raise and that was all fine and dandy with me because she also knew the only reason I applied for the job in the first place was to be a giant pain in the ass, I didn't really want the job at all.
But I'm getting side tracked.

So this course, I'm taking it at night school, has 5 course and a field placement. I'll take one course a semester (I'll probably skip the summer semester but we'll see) so it will take me 2 years. By that time Connor will be in preschool and I can use that time to do my field placement.
Then Connor starts kindergarten. So now we are into September 2011. Now this is where we get tricky. The government is looking at implementing all day kindergarten. (combining kindergarten and daycare) So if by then that has gone through and is in place here I will then start looking for a supervisor position in a centre. If it's not in place I will keep the home daycare open for 2 more years while Connor goes through JK and SK. Then when he starts grade 1 I'll find a centre job.

I'll work at the centre job until 2019. (my goal is for when I am 45) I'll bank 90% of my paycheck. (provided I can keep us out of debt. I've done well for the past 3 years so I think I can keep it up)

In 2019 I'm opening my daycare centre.

I realize it's still a long way away. I could probably postpone taking the courses but I feel like I need to do something now so it seems like I'm doing something to work toward my goal. It makes me enthusiastic. And frankly, who couldn't use a little enthusiasm in their lives?

So there it is.
For all of you who will still know me in 2019. Feel free to kick my fat ass if I have not achieved my goal by then.

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