Friday, July 24, 2009

Random mumblings and updates

It's been a few days. How out of character for me. I've been busy.

Connor is doing well without his soother. The only thing is that my old 'easy to put to bed' baby is gone and a 'difficult and silly pants' baby took his place. Every night before bed (and every afternoon before naptime) he asks for his doo doo. I remind him that it's all gone and put him in his bed. He gets a case of the wiggles and won't stay lying down and fights with me a bit. He does, however, stay in his bed and while he does whine, he doesn't cry. He plays and kicks the wall a bit before he goes to sleep now. I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not but he's been sleeping better. He's not waking at night at all and it's 7:20 am and he's still asleep! (that's unheard of - and yet, for some reason I was still up at 6 am!)

The other day Connor was downstairs visiting Nana. He toddled off to Papa's room to look for him. Papa's room doesn't look the same anymore. The bed has replaced the couch. His big tv has been replaced by a smaller one and his desk is now a bench. So Connor peeked in the room calling for Papa. He looked back at my mom and said "All gone"
Naturally Nana had a good cry.

We're still waiting for my Dad's ashes. I understand that there are only two crematoriums in all of Durham but it's been three weeks. How long could it possibly take to cremate a person?

I've enrolled for my first course in the Early Childhood Education Administration program. I've got to go to the school sometime soon though. I'm enrolled under my maiden name because I wasn't married when I went to school there the first time. So I want to change that info. Plus, I'm supposed to get some type of orientation package and show proof of my ECE to some woman who seems completely incapable of answering emails. I'm growing increasingly frustrated. If she's on vacation the least she could do is put an automatic vacation reply on her email. I've emailed twice in the past month though so I'm thinking she's not on vacation, she's just a boob.
Either way, I've paid for my course, I got my ECE at that college so there is no question about my credentials so come September 8th I'm a college kid again.

Emily is going for her first counselling session on Monday. I'm hoping it's helpful for her. She does seem to have leveled off a bit now but she still tenses up when we talk about my Dad.

I've had all I can take of summer. I'm ready for my vacation. 4 weeks to go. And then, the most wonderful thing happens. BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! They have the school supplied aisle all set up at Wal Mart. What a beautiful sight! Guess I'll have to shop for me this year too.

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