Monday, July 16, 2012

Just Because

This post was inspired by a friend's recent comments on Facebook. She'd made a joke about how difficult it had been to go strawberry picking with her 2 year old and 4 year old and was slammed for not appreciating her vacation and time with her kids.  This is my answer to that assault and others like it.

Just because I complain about my children doesn't mean I don't love them with every fibre of my being. I appreciate the gift of motherhood and know all too well that there are women (and men) out there who are struggling to make sense of their empty arms. I know these people would give those very arms to have a child to complain about. Likewise, my complaining about my pregnancy symptoms (no I'm not pregnant) does not mean I'm not thankful everyday for that child in my belly.

Just because I complain about my job doesn't mean I'm not glad to have it. I see the people who struggle to find work or those who struggle to find a job that will support them or their families. I complain, sure, but I also work my ass off and give my job my all. 

Just because I complain about my sore knees or back or my terrible eyesight doesn't mean I'm not thankful for my health. It's a no brainer that I'm thankful for my health - having fought for it.

Just because I whine about what I hate about my house doesn't mean I am not thankful to have a beautiful home to live in. I see homeless people mere kilometres from my house. I know there are many who struggle to make the rent payments on run down apartments.

It's human nature to complain. The grass is always greener on the other side. When it snows we wish for summer and it's summer we bitch that it's too hot.

If I fail to speak of my good fortune, health, loving family or love of life on a regular basis or if all I ever do is complain then please, by all means, let me know I'm being  an ungrateful, whiny snot.

But I can assure you, you will never need to. So when I do complain, either nod you head and commiserate or look the other way. I don't need to be reminded of how good I've got it.

Just because I complain, doesn't mean I'm not insanely happy.

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