Thursday, June 7, 2012

So Tired

It's been quiet here, I know.

I'm tired. Oh so tired. And that's making me a little worried. I remember last year being tired like this and thinking it was low iron. And then I learned it wasn't low iron, it was cancer. So naturally I'm a little worried about how tired I am. 

My oncologist told me that I was likely in menopause now from the chemo. He was wrong. Holy cow, he was sooooo wrong. It came with a vengeance after 6 months and I think that could be part of why I feel so very tired. And it's lasting for.ever!

I have my mammogram sometime near the end of this month. I don't know exactly when yet, I've not heard from the clinic but I think perhaps I'll call the clinic today and see if the appointment has been made yet. I am working again and can't do 'last minute' appointments, especially at the end of the school year when there is so much going on.

Yesterday I officiated a wedding at work. The letter Q and the letter U got married. We've taught the children all their letter sounds and have started in on the remaining blended sounds (ar, er, ch, th, sh and so on)  So part of learning about Q is that it doesn't make a sound without U. So if Q can't live without U they should be married.

It was cute. Each child was a letter of the alphabet (they had little signs) and the Bride (U) had a veil and the Groom (Q) had a bow tie. They had bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bride was escorted in to the class with the song "Going to the Chapel" by the Dixie Cups playing in the background. They said their vows (promising to stay together during quicksand, earthquakes and quiet times.) and then sealed the vows not with a kiss but with a lick of their ring pops. And then we ate cheesies, cupcakes and lemonade.

We're having out Kindergarten graduation soon too. I've been working hard on their diploma's and graduation caps.

I'm glad this year is coming to an end. It's been a tough few months and while I'm glad to be back at work I'm exhausted and come home most days feeling frustrated. I am a team player and I do work well with others but I find my frustration level with the state of my class overwhelming sometimes. I'm looking forward to starting fresh in September with a new class and new, clear routines. I'm hoping this will make my days easier.

I'm looking forward to this summer. Last summer - that was supposed to be the best summer ever; my first one off with the kids. It got spoiled big time though so I'm hoping this is the summer I had hoped for last year. We're going to the trailer in July. I want to go to the beach, a lot. We want to go to Wonderland. In August I'm going to Vancouver to crash one of my PP sisters' wedding.  (I am really looking forward to that trip! My first trip alone, flying alone, traveling alone and I get to hug TWO of my PP sisters AND I get to see my bff from when I was 10-16 years old - I haven't seen her in 12 years!)

I just have to get through this month.....and a great, all clear mammogram.

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