Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day blues

It's Father's Day and while I'm happy to have a day to celebrate Sean being such a great Dad I also feel sad.

We're coming up to the 3 year anniversary of my Dad's passing - 4 more days - but what makes Father's Day especially tough is that my Dad died on Father's Day.  I brought the kids up to the hospital to see him and bring him some cards. He wasn't awake by then so I'm not sure he knew we were there. He died later that night.

Earlier in the week the kids and I had been working on a new stepping stone for the pond - Papa's Pond. I'd had it hidden in the garage so he wouldn't see it. He never saw it at all. It's still out there, next to the pond it's faded and overgrown but I don't have the heart to move it.

Anyway, enough debbie downer stuff. Today is going to be a lovely day. Sean has to work so I'm going to take the kids strawberry picking.

This week will be crazy busy. I'm making a cake for my kindergarten class graduation. I'm also making 100 or so cake pops for the grade 8 graduation. And dinner with friends. And Sean's birthday. And herceptin and a mammogram.

Now I'm exhausted!

And yet thrilled that it won't be a boring week of sitting at home doing nothing.

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