Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know the world is full of assholes?

I'm sorry, was that too harsh? Okay, the world is full of idiots? Self serving, egocentric, loud mouths?  People who think they know it all and want to make sure you know they know it all? Attention seekers?

I'm not sure where this rant comes from, truthfully, nothing has happened in recent past to put me in this mood it's just small things I notice; people who post comments on online news stories for the sole purpose of pissing others off (what comes to mind was the story of the Police Officer who got killed in January. Someone posted some horrible comments about the officer under the story in the Toronto Sun online.)  Trolls. They are the same people who frequent message boards and post things to stir the shit.
I get annoyed by people who use their Facebook statuses to seek attention. You know the ones I mean. It's the ones who say things with the intent to get people to ask them to elaborate.

Susan Pleasenoticeme                                    is sad. :( 
Julie Igotsuckedin                                       Oh no my friend, what's wrong? <3

    Susan Pleasenoticeme                 
    I don't want to talk about it

Julie Igotsuckedin                                   Well, I'm here to lend an ear if you need one
Susan Pleasenoticeme                                     Well, okay, my dog died, my cat had a hairball, my boyfriend is cheating on me and this morning I found 4 ZITS! My life SUCKS!!!

The truth of the matter is, most people who are suffering from REAL drama in their lives don't usually post all about it in the facebook statuses (note I say most - there are exceptions to every rule)  And if they are going to post it on their facebook status, it's usually right out there for the world to see - not put forth as a cryptic puzzle to be solved by your 'friends' 

I'm reminded of a Facebook friend I have who was informed by her husband via email that he wanted  a divorce (one should note that this was a total blindside to said friend)  Now in that case - said friend didn't pussy foot around it  - she owned that bad boy in her Facebook statuses and that was great. It wasn't out there for the sake of 'pity me' it was out there because she was pissed and wanted the world to know what an ass she'd married. It was done right.

Anyhow, that's just two things that bother me.

Before I head off to the gym....

I need a new scale. My scale has not budged since I started at the gym. I've known for a while that it doesn't work right but it's pretty wonky. I'm going to invest in a digital scale. Of course, I don't actually think I've lost anything either. Confused?  Let me explain.

I got on the scale at the gym (which I only did because it wasn't busy) and it said 156.5. I came home and my scale said 160. (and I was wearing clothes at the gym and I was wearing nothing at home) So I did the intelligent thing and set my scale at home 4 lbs lighter so it would say 156 when I stood on it (I gave myself .5 lbs grace for my shoes and clothes at the gym) But when I stepped on it again it said 158. Clearly my scale is messed up. 

I hope to get one before my big weigh in next Sunday but barring that I'll still do my measurements (though I'm willing to bet they aren't changing either.....

I love food too damn much.


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