Saturday, February 12, 2011

I must confess

I think I'm in love. And it's not with my husband.

Wait, let's rephrase that. I think I'm in love NOT ONLY with my husband.

It's okay though, I'm sure he won't mind. I mean, we've been together for almost 16 years. He'll understand I'm sure and he'll even be happy to share me.

Last week was a truly horrendous week. It was bitter cold here  which meant our classes didn't go out for recess all week long. This meant that short of my half hour lunch, I also didn't leave my classroom all week long. But - on two of the days last week they lunch room teacher didn't show up to work and I didn't get a lunch break at all.

I was not overjoyed but let's be honest, I only work a 6 hour day, half my class was away sick and I'm still very much in the honeymoon stage of my job. I also know the Principal will make it up to me.

But - by Thursday I was starting to reach the end of my rope.

This week I had to switch up my gym days. I usually go Monday, Wednesday and Friday but on Wednesday I had a staff meeting at work and last night we had our Winter Social so I decided to go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

But on Thursday night I was in a shitty mood. I was mad, I was tired and all I wanted to do was go home and drink beer. So I picked up some beer, I picked up Connor and I went home instead of to the gym. When I got home my beer case broke open and half of my beer broke all over the driveway. Great finish to my work day.

So after a small temper tantrum I ate dinner and then ..... the guilt set in. I should have gone to the gym. I felt like crap, I was moody and grumpy with Sean and the kids. I should have  gone to the gym.

So I did. 3 hours later than usual but I went. It was crazy crowded but I went.

And I felt GREAT afterwards. I was so glad I went. I felt 100% better.

Do you know what this means? It means I officially like exercise. I think I'm having a love affair with the gym.  Wow. Who would have ever thought.

On the upside, this love affair won't cause grief and heartache and will probably put a little 'zest' into our marriage. wink wink, nudge nudge


  1. GREAT JOB!!! I'm getting the same way, but only if I go to the small gym that my trainer owns. I won't go if I have to force myself to go on my own.