Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back away from the table....

I realize that I've only been going to the gym for a week so it's not surprising that I'm not seeing results. I promised myself I wouldn't step on a scale or take my measurements until the end of the month to post here but I stepped on the scale the other morning.

Not surprisingly, I've not lost any weight. (At least not that I can tell - my scale is a little temperamental and will always be a pound or two off)

The reason it's not surprising is because I eat like a freakin' horse.

I love food. When I quit smoking  and learned to cook I discovered a whole new world. My problem isn't so much that I don't eat good things. I'm getting really good about avoiding unhealthy snacking (I do have slips but I am certainly not snacking every day) I don't eat take out food (except the occasional pizza with the caretaker and teacher at work)
I eat a light breakfast, either cereal (healthy ones - not junk) or a couple of slices of toast and my coffee. At lunch I have my salad, some yogurt and then usually something like a sandwich (whole wheat bun and summer sausage with a little miracle whip)

My problem is when I get home at night and one weekends. My portion control at dinner leaves something to be desired.

My all around portion control leaves something to be desired. I'm eating enough to two meals. This is what I need to work on.

Starting today.

Smaller portions. Half of what I feel like taking.

And if I'm hungry later - I've got lots of fruit or veggies to munch.

I WILL look hot in a bathing suit this summer.


  1. It took me seven weeks of going to the gym to see ANY results at all, and then it was just 1 pound. So hang in there! As far as portion control, I have that problem too. I've started trying to put less on my plate, eat that, and then sit at the table for at leats 5 minutes before I get more. Usually, I don't need more then. I go for "not feeling hungry" instead of "feeling full." You're doing great!

  2. My mom actually uses small plates for dinner rather than regular dinner sized plates. Maybe I should start using Connor's plates. :)