Saturday, February 26, 2011

40, 36, 42.5

And 155 lbs.

Well son of a bitch!

I was debating posting this one this morning. I was in the bathroom measuring myself and thinking WOW....this is bad. This is just horrible!!  (For the record I don't know if I'm even measuring right but I figure if I measure the same spots consistently I'm good - I do my chest with a bra on ('cause let's face it, 3 kids later the ladies don't exactly stay in the proper spot on their own and need a little lift) my natural waist and my hips (as in around my butt))

But, as promised I was giving you, my fair readers, the opportunity to taunt me for doing such a lousy job, for supplementing my hard work at the gym three times a week with beer and chicken wings (well not those three times a week) and to remind me that getting thin does not involve eating hungry man sized portions.

But LOOK!!  I lost 2.5 inches on my boobs!! (okay, Sean won't like that but tough titty..pun intended)  I lost 2.5 inches on my waist. I lost .5 inches on my hips!! This also explains why my pants don't feel looser. All my pants are low waisted and the loss there has been smaller so not noticeable to my clothes yet. But guess what...I don't care 'cause I've lost a total of 5.5 inches in a month!!!!

I don't know how much weight I've lost because of the scale snafu so I'm going to stick to using the gym scale from now on and I'll make sure I'm always wearing the same clothes so I can never 'adjust' for wardrobe.

Damn I'm proud of myself. And it's encouraged me to keep busting my ass....especially when I'm on song number 4 on the elliptical and just wanting to die. (I do 4 songs forward, 2 songs backward and 2 songs forward - this comes out to at least 30 minutes)

Would it be wrong to celebrate this loss with some cheesecake?

Ha, just kidding. I haven't had breakfast yet.

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