Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank a Police Officer

On Wednesday, January 12th in the early morning hours a man stole a snow plow that was idling in front of a Tim Horton's. He drove through the streets of Toronto on a rampage and when he was finally stopped he'd left a trail of damaged cars and businesses.....

and one dead police officer.

Tomorrow Sgt. Ryan Russell will be laid to rest.

I tell you this because it's a story that hits very close to home for me.
My brother is a police officer. He knew Sgt. Russell.

It hits close to home for me because it's a reminder of just how dangerous my brother's job is and more importantly, just how much of a hero he, and every other police officer is,  in just putting on that uniform everyday and going out to serve and protect us.  Because all it takes is one nut job and an idling snow plow to change a life forever. 

We are always reminded to 'Thank a Vet'.  It's a tragedy like this that reminds us to also thank Police Officers. The next time you get pulled over for speeding or are forced to be late because of a RIDE spot check, remember that that officer puts his ass on the line every single day to protect us. You and me. And it's often a thankless job. You might bitch about a parking ticket but who's the first person you call when you're in trouble and need help. And they always come

It's a tragedy like this that reminds us to hug our children (Sgt. Russell leaves behind a young son) and to always say "I love you". 

Life can change in the blink of an eye.

RIP Sgt. Russell.
Thank You.

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