Friday, January 21, 2011

Reaching Out Part 2

Tonight I had dinner with someone I haven't seen in nearly 15 years. It was the friend I decided to get back in touch with in this post

I had a fabulous time.

It felt good to talk to someone about old times, to laugh at ourselves, our history and all the crap we pulled together. It felt good to catch up and find out what we'd both been doing for the past 15 years.

I'm glad I went and I'm hoping that this renews a friendship.

We joked because I remembered things so clearly and there were some things she couldn't remember at all. I said, "That's just me, mind like a steal trap" to which she replied "yeah but that means you remember all the bad things too"

I know there were rough times between us and yeah, I remember them but after having dinner tonight it wasn't the rough times we reminisced about, it was the fun. That's what I remember the most. Those were the times that mattered.

I'm glad I reached out.

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