Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is the grass greener?

Do you have to get married?

These are different times. Women are not getting married right out of school (or foregoing school altogether) We are getting our careers in order first. We are becoming productive people in our communities. We are older when we start our families.....

No, I'm not questioning my marriage.

The friend I had dinner with the other night is single. As is my bff. As is another friend.  All have never been married.

So I'm talking with my mom and filling her in on the past 15 years of this friend I had dinner with and her comment about my friend not being married struck me. She then commented on another friend who is turning 40 this year and never married.
I think the conversation was something like this

"So she's doing great, back in school, travelling with a friend..."
"Yes, but she doesn't have a husband and three beautiful children."

I'm not wanting to throw over my family for a life of freedom and travel. I'd end up bored and since flying isn't my thing I'm limited in my travel opportunities. Like I said to my friend, I'd love to go to Cuba but until I can go to Miami and rent a boat to get to Cuba a la Michael Moore I'm stuck here. (and let's face it, if I get to Miami, it's hot and there's lots of Cubans there so why go any further?)  But it doesn't mean my life is better. It's better for me but it's not for everyone.

The whole conversation just reminded me of first, my mom is still pretty old fashioned, but also that while I am envious of my friends ability (freedom) to go on an adventure on a whim and not have to plan ahead just to go for coffee with a friend, I've also got it pretty darn good. 

Now to change gears for a second.

Someone told that there was a study done that said if you tell people your New Year resolution you are less likely to keep it because in your mind you equate telling people to actually doing it. I would think it would be opposite, you'd want to keep you resolution because you want to save face.

Well that's my motivation. It's not a new year's resolution but tomorrow I'm joining the gym again. And I'm vowing to go at least three nights a week, right after work (or right before work, depending on Sean's hours) And I resolve to look good enough to be comfortable wearing shorts this summer...and that I will need to buy NEW shorts this summer because none of my fat clothes will fit.

I've already mastered my eating (almost) I have become a salad junkie and actually feel like crap if I don't nurse a giant salad all day long.

Tomorrow I'm also going to put it right out there...in the blog....my measurements and my weight and I'm going to update it monthly......I WILL do it.

And one final note.

In our fast paced world it's shocking how long 2 minutes can seem. But sometimes we just need to stop, breathe and relax.

Can you do nothing for two minutes?

Give it a try.

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