Monday, July 5, 2010

What was I thinking??

Sean has been on holiday for the past week and will be this week to. So we've been cramming in lots of fun stuff for the family to do.

We took everyone to Cedar Park on Wednesday. It's a water park/camp ground and the kids had a blast, despite it being unseasonably cool.
On Thursday we went to the Canada Day festival at the lake and again, froze our butts off. (we couldn't fit that Canadian cliche if we weren't freezing on the first of July right?)
On Friday we took all the kids to the zoo. It was warmer this time which was good since we rarely see any animals at the zoo in the summer months. We primarily go for the splash pad. They have a new carousel at the zoo too (the Conservation Carousel) 5 bucks a pop! What a racket. Of course the kids HAD to have a ride so our one trip that doesn't cost us anything ended up costing us $30 after the carousel and ice cream.

We have a lot of beaches around here. Each town/city that borders a lake has their own waterfront attractions. I debated taking the kids to Toronto to go Kew Beach but then one of my daycare kids has mentioned Cobourg Beach several times to me. She told me it had an amusement park, water park and of course the beach. And, she said, you can swim in the lake. (because let's face it, while technically you *could* swim anywhere in Lake Ontario, you probably *shouldn't* swim in most of it.)

So we headed out to Cobourg Beach yesterday.

Now, I have a bathing suit. It's only a year old. And I hate it. It gives the girls NO support, only squishes them up and it's cut in such a way that back fat runs amok. After seeing pics last year (and seeing a pic of a friend in an awesome swim suit!) I decided I was not wearing that thing anymore and went bathing suit hunting. But alas, I couldn't find anything that appealed to me so I ended up buying a spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of booty shorts. I figure I can use them to get into the water with the kids or lounge at the beach (I'll still use my bathing suit for swimming in a proper pool)

My typical summer wardrobe is shorts (usually about an inch or so above the knee) or capri's and a tank top and while I'm a sunscreen nazi for the kids I don't often wear it myself unless I'll be out all day and even then I never put it on my legs.


I spent the day at the beach yesterday (and I have to add, I LOVED this beach - it was everything my daycare kid said it was and more!!) and I spent it wearing booty shorts and portions of my legs that haven't seen the light of day in a very very long time.

And now.....I am struggling to sit on the computer chair to blog today because it feels as though I'm sitting on a heavy grain sand paper. My bad. I'll remember to sunscreen the legs next time.

We're taking the kids camping tomorrow for two nights. Wish me luck. The girls are experts at this now but this will be Connor's first time. I'm nervous that sleeping in a tent won't go well for him. But I'll be back on Thursday with lost of pictures and hopefully some good stories about how great Connor did in the tent. We shall see!

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  1. Oh no! Sunburned legs are the worst! Well sunburn anywhere is!

    Have a fun camping trip! I'm curious to see how your little guy does...we were debating whether or not to go this summer, but I think we'll wait till one year old, who sleeps like crap at home, in a tent doesn't seem like a good idea!