Sunday, July 25, 2010

Farts, toilets and other bathroom tales

The other day I'm soaking in a nice hot bubble bath and I hear Sean and the girls laughing. In fact, Sean is laughing so hard he's crying. The last time I heard him laughing that hard was when he was watching the episode of Mythbusters when and Adam got slapped

So naturally I have to see what is so funny. And this is what I find. My husband, the wonderful, devoted, hard working, family man and my daughters, flesh of my flesh, gentle and dainty.....are watching fart videos on YouTube.

And now normally I would not subscribe to such silliness but I have to admit, there were a couple that were just plain hysterical. Like this dinosaur fart video or this dinosaur one
And then there was the Canadian Idol one.

I guess the laughing at farts thing isn't just for 4 year old boys.

Ironically, now that Connor is potty trained he gets a big kick out of farting and will happily announce when one is on it's way and the offer a recap when he's done. "That was a big one Mommy!!"

Connor loves the toilet. He likes to flush it. He gets pretty bent out of shape if anyone tries to flush it for him. The problem I have is that several months ago he flushed a toy of some sort and since then our toilet occasionally backs up. So I'd prefer he wasn't just in the bathroom flushing for fun. But my preferences don't meet with his so we have issues sometimes.
Yesterday Mary bought herself a Barbie house at a second hand store. It comes complete with a toilet and shower...and guess what.....yep, the toilet flushes. Now Connor is right in his glee flushing Barbie's toilet. When he woke up this morning the first thing he said to Mary was "I play flush??"
I'm just happy Barbie's toilet won't be backing up all over the playroom.

I mentioned Connor was toilet trained now. He now goes to the bathroom on his own without assistance. He can get his pants down, his potty seat onto the toilet and all that jazz but he was having a lot of trouble getting his pants back on. Last night while I was cooking supper I heard him go into the bathroom. He peed and washed and came out. Normally this is what he comes out with no pants on and I tell him to go get them and he asks for help. Well, not this time, he came out with his shorts on. Albeit, they were twisted all around sideways but they were on. All by himself!!

My boy is growing up. It won't be long before he's laughing at fart videos on YouTube with his Daddy.

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