Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Music according to Connor

This is going to be a two post day. I can't save this one until tomorrow because I'll forget and it's just too cute to pass on.
Connor and I sing songs every night before bed. He's not much into books so this is our bonding/quiet time before he goes to sleep at night. Of course, we have our standard three, Lonely Little Robin, You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but a few others get thrown in for good measure.

So here it is. Music according to Connor

Baa Baa Black Sheep
"Baa Baa black sheep
Have you very wool
Yes sure yes sure
three black school
One what's the matter
One for the dame
One for the little boy
who's lame
Baa baa black sheep
have you very wool
yes sure yes sure
three black school"

Are You Sleeping /Frere Jacques
"Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping?
Are you Sean?
Are you Sean?
Sunny little tina
Sunny little tina
ding dong dong
ding dong dong"

The thing is I can't control my laughing when he comes out with these things and my son (aka future class clown) thrives on getting laughs. So now he modifies songs he knows all the words to.

Twinkle Twinkle little DOO DOO (doo doo is his paci with the tip cut off - yes we still have it - whole other store)
How I wonder what you DIAPER
Up above the world so LOVEY
Like a diamond in the NOSE
Twinkle twinkle little GLOWY
How I wonder what you FART!

Yeah, and he sings it just like that. Nicely and then shouts the last word that he's made up. And then he laughs like its the funniest thing he's ever heard.

I see a comedian in making. Let's hope he's more Jerry Seinfeld and less 'mildly funny guy at Yuk Yuk's on Tuesday night'


  1. Hahaha... Marrah's favourite right now is "Mary Had a Little Lamb" but it goes something like this:

    Mary had a Mary went, Mary Went, Mary Went,
    Mary had a Mary went fleece as white as snow.

    LOL - kinda combining the first and second verse but hey she's in tune so who cares... lol