Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robbed!!! Again!!!

For the third freakin' time. Someone stole the CD's out of my car. Shit.

I've been so good about locking the van at night just so this type of thing doesn't happen but alas, I must have forgotten and sometime between Thursday and yesterday someone stole my CD's.

I'm torn on whether or not I'm mad. See, most of them were burned CD's. I got most of my Zeppelin ones as well as Metallica and Collective Soul online. The downside is that only the Collective Soul was done through iTunes. The upside is that all the good music is on my iPod, the downside is that unless I get some sort of adapter (which I think Avon sells one) I can't listen to my iPod in the car. The upside is that several of my favorites were in the house so I could listen to them in the kitchen or in Sean's car, the downside is that Connor's favorite (Erick Traplin) was in the car and I'm not entirely sure how to get another copy since this is a local guy who plays in library auditoriums . He's not as big as Raffi after all.

So, I figure I have a couple of options. I'm going to have to see if Avon sells this adapter I'm thinking of. I can also try to replenish my collection via the used CD store across the street (ironic eh, chances are my CD's are being sold there even as we speak, though they 'claim' they will not sell CD's that aren't in the original jewel case and mine were all in a CD holder.) Or, I can ask my fantastic family to buy me iTunes cards for my birthday and I can start buying my music back in a place where it won't get stolen again.

Either way, I'm pissed. I'm tired of people stealing my music. I don't have anything good in there. I'm old. I listen to Great Big Sea and Elton John. The most current thing I listen to is Beyonce and even that CD is like 2 years old. I'm not cool so go steal cool shit from cool people and leave me and my kid's Disney CD alone!

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  1. Oh that sucks! A few years ago someone broke into our car and stole our CDs and my sunglasses. Really? There was even money in the change holder..and they took my favorite sunglasses that weren't even designer, they were like $5. Probably some stupid teenagers doing it for the thrill. Maybe get a car alarm after you get your adapter?