Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yes, I said yippee!

See the tracker on the side there. ---------------------------->

We're only $104away from reaching our $5000 goal. It's so close I can taste the bronze fundraiser award sign they will hang on our campsite. 

Okay, I'm excited about potentially being a bronze fundraising team but let's face it, this last year has given me a first hand look at all the Canadian Cancer Society does for patients and their families.

From the volunteers who give us cookies and juice during chemo to tireless drivers shuttling patients back and forth the appointments and treatments. The Canadian Cancer Society supports research initiatives and educates the public on cancer prevention.

The Canadian Cancer Society was there for me when I needed them most and now I will return the favour.

So I implore my readers - both in Canada and abroad (your money is good too!)

Please think about making a donation today. Any little bit helps. Let's blow that $5000 goal out of the water!!

You can donate to our team by clicking this link


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