Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's All Good

I'm feeling great today! It's beautiful, sunshiny and warm out. (okay, well not right now, right now it's warm and is 11 pm after all)

I went to brunch today with some friends, a much needed day out away from the kids, the house and even Sean. And I was good too! It was a buffet but I didn't go overboard and stuff my face and I limited the carbs I ate.  I also had a good talk about some things I'm dealing with right now and it helped me make some decisions. We'll talk more about that another time.

When I finally made my way home I went right into the backyard to plant flowers and sit my rear on the deck and read my book.

I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday. Actually I do have one complaint, my allergies hit with full force today. Can't win 'em all.

I ordered pizza for the kids (I had salmon and grilled veggies) and went to work getting the kitchen cleaned only to make a horrible discovery. My dishwasher has crapped out. There must be a cracked hose because had a not been in the kitchen after I first started the dishwasher I would have had a might flood.

So I unloaded the dishwasher and hand washed them. It kind of feels like the dark ages.

Sean said, "I guess we'll be dishwasher shopping on Tuesday."

I'm thinking no. My kids are older; old enough to wash their dishes. I've got a sign posted in the kitchen now, it says Wash your dishes and put them on the towel or you will do ALL the dishes for one week. We'll see how long that works for. I'm guessing as long as the note is there, it will work.

I had a note on the milk jug for the longest time telling the kids that if they put the empty milk jug back into the fridge they'd have to do the dishes for a week and it worked. Right up until I took the note off the milk jug. Now the empty jug is in the fridge all the time.

So, I'll just keep the dishes note up all the time.

I'm not interested in forking out $500 + for a new dishwasher. I'd rather save my money for summer vacation. Maybe in September we'll get a new dishwasher.

Tonight I watched the movie 50/50 and I held it together up until the scene where he's going in for surgery. It brought back too many memories for me. Good movie though.

It's been a fabulous weekend and the best part is that there's still one more day!

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  1. :) so glad you had such a great day, sorry about the allergies. I'm in the same boat-they SUCK!