Friday, May 18, 2012

Sheer Genius!

You have to be living under a rock to have not heard of these guys

But in case you have been living under a rock this would be one of their big songs.


Emily is a gigantic fan. She's got posters wallpapered all over her room She has all the music and videos on her iPod and buys all the teenie bopper magazines so she can read all about them. Yep, we've reached that obsessive teenage crush faze.

One Direction is playing here in a couple of weeks and of course, Emily is dying to go. However, my daughter is still not fully schooled in the art of the concert ticket sale and doesn't bother to tell me she wants to go until the concert has been sold out for months.

She did this same thing when she and Mary wanted to see Selena Gomez and I was able to snag them day-of-the-concert tickets (and they turned out to be fantastic seats) but that concert was in a venue 5 minutes from our house. I'm not trekking the kids to downtown Toronto to get last minute tickets.


Anyone who's been around for any length of time knows that for the most part, bands like this are short lived.  Teenage girls are finicky and tire of these boy bands quickly. And the promoters know this and pump out the new boy bands just as quickly as the girls toss the old ones to the side.

But whoever is making the decisions for this band, One Direction, is a freakin' genius.

Emily came to me the other day excited because there were tickets on sale for a One Direction concert and I really really really needed to go online to buy them for her.

Guess when the concert is........

July 2013.

I'm not kidding.  Over one year from now.  I'm confident that these young men, while nice for 13 year old girls to look at and the current  "greatest singers EVER!"  probably won't be on the map in July 2013.

But this concert....two an extremely large venue.....sold out.

And I'm willing to bet that of the 60,000 or so tickets sold for the two July 2013 a good half of those girls are going to be saying "One Direction? They are so YESTERDAY!!!"

And the guys from One Direction and their manager, promoter and everyone else making a buck off of them are all saying, "Bahahahaha suckers! We might be so yesterday but we've already got your money and spent it!"  

The brilliance in all of this is that they've tapped in the obsessive, hormonal, teenage girl fan base and sold out two concerts (starting ticket price - $45) now, while they're still hot to their obsessive, hormonal, teenage girl fan base, that they won't be doing for over a year. And that's only the two concerts in Toronto. This is a whole tour.

Honestly, their promoter/manager or whoever makes these decisions has truly earned his money.  Thankfully not from me.


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