Friday, May 20, 2011

What a Week!

It's been a week of highs and lows.

The car accident, a low
The tea, a high
Great week at work, a high
Losing Snickers, a huge low
Today, we will be getting a new kitten, a high.

I have a small amount of guilt with regards to getting this new kitten. I mean, Snickers has only been gone for 24 hours. The wound is still fresh. And we're not trying to replace her. Just like a family member, she's irreplaceable but a kitten will help the healing process. It's giving the girls something to look forward to.

As soon as we made the decision to have Snickers put down, Sean and I discussed getting a new kitten. We didn't say anything to the girls though. But not long after we told them Mary asked, when can we get a new cat? We told her, whenever you guys are ready. And they both said "Now" So now it is.

We immediately went to the Humane Society web site but they only had adult cats (which I'm not opposed to, they need homes too but the girls want a kitten) So we went to Kijiji and replied to 6 ads for kittens. The one the girls picked out first just happened to be available still so we're going to get her this morning.  We'll name her Chicklets. (we're slowly making our way through the world of junk food - Ruffles (the potato chip) died 9 years ago, Skittles (the candy) was hit by a car, Snickers (the candy car) and now Chicklets (the gum))

Yesterday was also  another low and it wasn't forgotten, at least not by me. I know it wasn't forgotten by my brother as it was also his birthday, nor my mom.

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of when my Dad was officially diagnosed with cancer. It marks the 32 day countdown to the anniversary of his death.

It does get easier as the years go on but I see things like Connor not really remembering who Papa is and it makes me sad. Connor LOVES golf and my Dad would have got a huge kick out of that. He plays it on the Wii, he knows all the proper terms and has even watched it on TV with Sean. He has a new real metal driver and putter in his size for the backyard for the summer.  But I know now, that to Connor, Papa is the picture on the wall of a baby kissing a man and the name of his crocs (his Papa shoes) and his coat (his Papa coat) I knew it would happen, Connor wasn't even 2 when my Dad died but it makes me sad nonetheless.

It's a 4 day weekend for me. I'm looking forward to the time off with the kids and hopefully the sun. 6 more weeks of school. I can't freakin' wait!!


  1. That breaks my heart about Connor and Papa. I know it's so sad to see Connor's memory of him fading, knowing that he will never remember the relationship they had. Sending you hugs this month!
    6 more weeks of schoo???? School is our here nex week and I think the teacher have a couple of weeks after that!

  2. Yours go back in August though right? We don't go back until after labour day.