Monday, May 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Mama

For a long time now I've been complaining, jealous of all the Pumpkin Patch Mom's who've been able to meet up. I'm geographically in a bad place, only one other Mom lives near me and she's one of our quieter Mom's.

Last week I finally got my turn!

One of our Mom's came to town for a conference and I went to meet her for dinner.

I want to tell a bit about the lead up.

I've said it before, I'm saying it again. I'm shy. In a room full of strangers you probably won't hear my voice. In a room full of people I know casually, you likely won't hear more than a few sentences.
In a room of friends, I won't shut up (and this is likely how the PP thinks of me as I have more posts  than anyone else but like 500 I think - yeah, a virtual chatterbox)

But before the dinner I said to Sean "I'm nervous. I know I've been chatting with this woman for 4 years but technically she's still a stranger. What if I freeze up? What if I can't do 'small talk'? What if I run out of things to talk about? Maybe I shouldn't go."

Sean's answer, "What if this is like a craigslist thing and this woman is actual some crazy man who's making his rounds one by one and attacking women?"

"Unlikely. I doubt any psycho has the attention span to invest 4 years into making us all think he's a woman"

So when I arrived at her hotel I was sitting in the lobby waiting for her to come down I sent Sean a text. It said 'Holy shit, she's a man!!'

He texted back 'Well if his penis is bigger than mine, lie'

My hubby is such a joker.

It turned out I had nothing to worry about. Conversation was easy. Small talk was non existent. It seems, in a situation in which you've spent 4 years getting to know someone online, small talk is not necessary - we just jumped right into genuine conversation. And she was fabulous.

I know I was a bit quiet, I hope she doesn't think anything of that because truth be known I had a fantastic time meeting her and talking and I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went.

And now that I've met one Pumpkin Patch Mama, I'm anxious to meet more. And as it turns out, I probably will in a couple of more weeks. The Mama who lives close by to me is coming to our Spring Tea!!


  1. So happy for you! That's how it was with Rhonda, we didn't miss a beat! When we meet, you better not be quiet!

  2. Somehow I think when we meet you won't be able to shut me up! lol

  3. You totally sound like me. Allen calls me an introverted extrovert. LOL Online I'm outgoing, but put me in a room with a bunch of people and I'm totally shy and unable to carry on a conversation. I'm glad you and Sheila had a good time.