Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking ahead

The tea was a fantastic success.  We were a well oiled machine, able to get the sandwiches made and the desserts organized despite the interruption of a furniture move and a car accident (more on that later) Not everyone who bought a ticket came but it's okay. We were thrilled anyone came! Everyone gave us rave reviews and I'm sure if we decide to do another one next year we'll get even more people coming.
I got some fabulous ideas from my bff's partner for fundraising for next year and hope to be able to do two events - I'm thinking mini golf tournament in the fall and tea in the spring.

And all tolled we made over $800 because of the tea. With my Uncle's match to our pledges we will surpass our $3000 goal. I'm overjoyed.

So now I am going to relax. I have two more kool aid bags on order and plan to get them knocked out before the 27th of the month so we can submit our money and relax until the Relay on June 3rd.

Saturday morning Sean took the girls out to get a movie. When he got home he stopped on the street in front of our house to allow people to walk across our driveway before pulling in when a GO bus plowed into the back of him.

I heard the thud from the dining room (the window faces the road) but didn't think much of it as it didn't have the typical car accident sound. But then I noticed out the window a bus in front of the house so I got up to look. I didn't see any car but then suddenly Emily's face was in the window and she was screaming "Come out quick a bus hit us!!!"

She came running into the house (her flight instinct kicked in, as soon as the car stopped from rolling she jumped out and ran to safety - our house)  I asked her if she was hurt, she said no and then I ran outside. Sean was on the phone getting an ambulance because Mary was in the back seat crying that her back and arm hurt. Mary is not legally required to be in a booster seat anymore but we still have her in one because she is tiny. Thank God for that! The ambulance came and decided to take her in for a once over. Initially I was going to go with her, she was scared, but then Sean said his back was sore too so I sent him instead. We also sent Emily, who by this time had broken into hysterics from the shock. They also took two passengers from the bus.

Thankfully all three of them were okay. Sean is sore but the kids seemed to show no signs of it at all. Again, thank God! But now we've got to deal with the hassle of getting Sean's car fixed (back end was crushed) as well as new car seats (for Mary and Connor) and Sean going to court. The bus driver was charged with careless driving but he's claiming Sean cut him off. Yeah, whatever.

They walked away. That's all that matters to me.

And it reminds you of how quickly your life can change.

Oooh, I almost forgot!!! I also got to finally meet another PP Mama!! Holly came to the tea with Gabriella. It was so nice to meet her. I didn't get to sit and chat as much as I would have liked, I was pretty busy but I got to for a bit. Gabriella was a sweetheart and I really hope we are able to get together again, this time with Connor too so they can play. I think he'd like that. And I'd get a chance to actually chit chat with Holly for a bit.

I was so happy she came though, crappy weather, long drive and all. It meant the world to me and it made it feel like all the PP Mama's were there supporting me. You guys rock!

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  1. SO glad the tea went well, that every one was ok and that I found you! lmao! Hopefully I can do it again.