Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Beauty Within

I got a package in the mail yesterday from a dear friend. I've mentioned her more than once before, she lost her own Dad to cancer not long after my Dad died. We were able to be there for one another (though only in spirit as she lives what seems like a world away)  It was (and is) reassuring to me to know someone else who was going through the same thing at the same time and understood what I was feeling.

I do know a lot of people who've lost parents to cancer but I think over time the feeling changes and I'm sure that while I do understand the myriad of emotions that go along with it, I don't know that I could be the same support to a friend who might be going through it now that I've come out the other side as I was then when I was in the thick of it myself. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, the point is, that while infertility and the blessing of our October 2007 babies brought us together I think it was cancer that built our friendship. (could it be that something good comes from cancer? Truth be known, if it meant we could both have our Dad's back I'd rather not have her as a friend at all and I'm sure she'd say the same.)

This post was not supposed to be a debbie downer...and it's not. It's about, as the title implies, the beauty within.  It's the beauty within a person, within a friendship and within a heart.

I truly hope one day to meet my dear friend Jenny and to give her the big hug I can only send over the internet. She deserves it - and so much more. And I'm truly blessed to call her a friend.


  1. Now, you've gone and got me all in tears. You're right, I know we would give anything to have our dad's back...but your support and understanding and the sheer timing of your dad's birth and my dad's death will forever keep us bonded in a way that few are so fortunate to have. Someday, my dear friend...someday, we WILL meet IRL!

  2. The Christmas Decoration looks really nice and I imagine it will hold a special place on your tree to remember Dad by. I like how the dates are on the decoration. What a wonderful momento.