Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Ramble....

I have a few shopping related pet peeves I'd like to share. Sometimes it's good to keeps one from going postal (forgive the euphemism if you or someone you love is a postal worker of the non disgruntled nature)

1. I had to take the elevator in the mall yesterday. (This is a big deal as using elevators are second on my biggest fears list - right under losing one of my children) This elevator pet peeve is two fold - the first being people who take the elevator in the mall - yes the one right next to the escalator - despite their being young and apparently perfectly fit - and despite their being a line up of people with strollers and old ladies with walkers and even two guys in wheel chairs. Take the freakin' escalator so those of us who can't don't have to wait here forever.

The second part of this is when you are in the elevator and the door opens on your floor and there are 6 people standing on the other side waiting to get in - right in front of the door - so you can't get out. It's Christmas. The mall is packed. Did you really think that when the elevator doors opened there would be NO ONE in it who might want to get out first??? Get out of the freakin' way dumb ass! Stand to the side. MOVE!!!

This happened to me three times yesterday. Finally, the third time I didn't get out of the elevator. Some slack jawed yutz stood there staring at me...waiting for me to apparently walk right through him with my stroller and my three kids. So I stood there and stared right back at him, waiting to see if the light bulb went off and he moved so we could get out. He didn't, the door closed and we went back down. Emily was pretty confused.  When we got back up the idiot was gone. I guess he was one of the above mentioned young and fit fools who should have taken the escalator in the first place.

2. People who hum and haw about their orders in places like McDonald's, Tim Horton's, Burger King.....
What is there to think about? It's McDonald's. It's not selecting a fine wine or a retirement's a hamburger...and not a very good one at that. Tim Horton's has coffee. I'm sure they have other stuff too but really...let's be honest, Krispy Kream has better donuts.  It's not something that needs to be pondered and if you haven't decided what you're having before you get into line DON'T GET INTO LINE!! And if you don't know what a double double is....don't ask for one (specifically to the lady on Friday who ordered a double double with three sugar and one milk. Huh??)

And as a side note to #2 - when you are in line getting ready to order something...please have your money ready. It's not free. You're not going to win a you're-the-5 millionth-customer-served-so-it's-on-the-house-prize. Common sense dictates that if you are in line to purchase something you will have to pay for it, either with cash or debit don't leave it to after you've been served to dig through your 40 gallon purse to find your $1.58 in nickles to pay for your 3 sugar/1 milk double double.

I'm not normally low and patience during the holiday season but this year it just feels like people are getting stupider. (maybe I'm getting smarter?) Common sense seems seems to have gone by the wayside.

I decided to do a bit of shopping today after work. I left school as quickly as I could so I could squeeze in a half hour of Christmas shopping before I felt too guilty and picked Connor up from daycare. Apparently those 30 minutes were too much. I found him lying in his teachers arms all limp and pathetic. He'd been running a fever since he woke from nap but they didn't bother to call me since I'm normally there within 20 minutes of nap ending anyway. So naturally today was the day I wasn't there until like an hour after nap ended. I can't catch a break from that Mommy guilt. Ever.

On a lighter note...this morning I was looking at the little map at the bottom of my blog and I noticed a new dot. Upon closer inspection I see my little dot is in the South Atlantic, just off the Ivory Coast.  Odd that the little dot is in the ocean. Some guy on a boat with nothing better to do that read my blog? Is there is teeny tiny island there? A shark with a Blackberry? (everyone else has one!)

Likely a little mislaid dot but it gave me a bit of entertainment nonetheless.


  1. Shark with a Blackberry...SNort!

  2. Ah yes, I can relate to all of the above, especially the elevator one!