Sunday, January 25, 2009

Woo Hoo! Down 3 pounds!!

I know, 3 pounds is not a lot to cheer about but it's the best loss I've seen since I lost the 20 on the delivery table. I guess all this rabbit food is paying off.
So I rewarded myself with beer and hot wings and I'm not feeling one bit guilty about it.

Connor has roseolla. Poor little guy. He's covered in a fine little rash. He's a grumpy, bear of a boy and has spent the better part of this weekend in tantrum mode. Thank God Sean was home today. I spent the afternoon hiding in my bed, curled up with my book.

I got involved in a book exchange of sorts. It's actually one of those chain letters deals. I'm quite certain I won't see a book out of it but I'm always wiling to give the benefit of the doubt so I said I'd participate. I got hooked in by one of the girls on Fertility Friend (a whole other blog there....) so I don't know who I'm sending my book to, she's in the States but I guess that's one way of making the world a bit smaller.
So I had decided which book I'd send. It was called Name Withheld. Can't remember the Author offhand. It's about a Dear Abby type of columnist who falls in love with a married man, only she doesn't know he's married until she's head over heals. The guy's wife suspects he's having an affair and decides to write to the Agony Aunt. She and the columnist build a letter writing relationship until they put two and two together and realize their common bond at which time all hell breaks loose. It was a decent book.
I couldn't find it though, I gave a bunch of books that had been read and reread to Value Village. So I dug through the basement and found a few others. I found a book called The Girls by Lori Lansens. I flipped open thinking I'd send that one. I'd not read it but if I don't get on the ball with things when I'm thinking of them I'll never do it. I started reading it while waling up the stairs and by the time I'd reached the living room I had to go back down to get another book. I was hooked on this book. It's a fictional autobiography of one of a set of conjoined twins. It's not the kind of book I'd normally read but I am hooked. Goes to show you that stepping out of your comfort zone is not always a bad thing.

Alright, my beer is calling me now. Nitey nite.

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  1. Jean - I think 3 lbs is fabulous! I'd take it!...Hope Conner feels better soon! We've had the rosealla with Nora, the good news is once the rash shows the virus is pretty much done.