Friday, January 16, 2009

My illness rant

Someone in the family has been sick since the beginning of December. It started with a cold, which progressed to various stomach bugs, snots and fevers. I thought Sean having the flu over the new year holiday would be the end of it. The daycare was closed for the week, no extra kids bringing in germs, Sean off for a few days not bringing in his subway germs.
No such luck. I opened the daycare to a sick baby who passed it on to Connor and for the last week he's been full of snot, not eating, not sleeping and coughing up phlegm balls like nobodies business. Why in the world do people send their kids to daycare when they are that sick? I understand we all have to work and make money but seriously, if you're that sick do you want to be at work? Hells no, so what in the world makes people think their kids want to be at daycare when they are that sick? It just frustrates the shit out of me.
It's not so bad with the older daycare kids. It's not like they're eating the toys so they don't pass germs that way. They're pretty good about covering coughs and catching sneezes and there are some days those poor kids spend more times washing their hands than playing. Oh...and their parents keep them home when they are sick!! Alright so you sense my frustration. Breaking in a new family is always hard...hard for me and hard for them. I don't want to come off as a hard ass, *you're child has a runny nose, keep them home* but I also don't want every illness under the sun being brought in here. We all have to work and just as I can't close for every illness one of my kids has they can't take a day off work when their kids are sick. But there is a limit. My more experienced parents, the ones who's kids have been here a long time are awesome. They seem to know the line at which to keep the kids home and are also pretty understanding when I have to draw the line too and close for the sake of my kids. I know my new families will find this line too, it just takes time. And in the meantime, I just try to grin and bear it.

And through this all I have been the model of good health, not a hint of sniffle, cough or nausea. (okay, not entirely true, I had a couple of really crappy days) But you know what will happen, don't you. I'll get sick as a dog on March 24th - the day I leave for Vegas.


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