Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I hate myself sometimes

I belong to a freecycle network online. Actually I belong to several but that's neither here nor there. So when I'm cleaning out the kids toys or old home stuff or the like I often freecycle it. It saves me the trouble of taking it to Value Village or throwing perfectly good (just not usable to us) things out.
One of my most giant pet peeves though is when I offer something, someone emails asking for it and I chose them and then they don't show up. Or they show up three days later then they said so that the stuff is sitting on my porch for a week making my house (and business) look trashy.

I was given (from freecycle) a bunch of cloth diapers. It turned out they didn't fit Connor so I re offered them and an acquaintance asked for them. (So did about 40 other people but I chose here because I know her) She took a week to pick them up and then when she did, she only took the bag of diapers, leaving the bag of liners behind. What the hell am I going to do with 40 trifold liners?

So a friend of mine, Natalie, was selling a playpen. I need another playpen for this coming summer when a new baby starts the daycare. So I told Natalie I would buy it. I made arrangements to go out and pick it up that weekend. The weekend came, sick kids everywhere so I emailed and rescheduled for the next weekend.
The next weekend came and went and I completely forgot. She gave me a gentle slap on the wrist and I promised on my life I'd be there this past Sunday.

With Connor's roseola, my stressful week and all that I totally forgot again and didn't remember until a few minutes ago when I was reading a post of hers on our home daycare message board. Natalie is the sweetest person you'd ever meet and I know she's got the patience of a saint but I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts she's just about had enough of me. I've emailed and begged forgiveness. Probably going to be the last time she offers to sell anything to me.

I've become a no show. Egads!!

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