Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 things about me

So I've done this on facebook but when I did it it was only 16 things. 25 might be a bit more challenging.

1. I am a morning person. My cheerfulness fades as the day goes on.

2. When people first meet me they often think I am a snob because I don't talk to them when in fact I am just painfully shy and can't talk to anyone.

3. I am a loyal friend for cross me and I'm done with you.

4. I drink too much coffee.

5. I would rather listen to the radio than watch tv

6. I am a neat freak (which is hard with 3 kids and a daycare)

7. I love to read but find it hard to find things to read that are of interest to me.

8. I've often thought of going back to school but don't know what I'd want to learn about.

9. I am indecisive but often make decisions in haste (usually poor ones at that)

10. I love board games

11. I love the winter but I hate the bitter cold

12. I am NOT a dog person

13. I hate the extra 30 lbs and have finally decided to do something about it.

14. When it comes to friendships its about the quality of them not the quantity. That's why I have so few real life friends.

15. I am terrified of elevators and will take the stairs instead at every given opportunity.

16. I have a hard time leaving the past behind.

17. I am terrified of flying but do not want to miss seeing the world because of it.

18. I would like to go to Africa some day.

19. If it weren't for Fertility Friend and the people I've met there I probably would not have come through this past 2.5 years as well as I did.

20. I would go without tv, phone, radio and books but I could not survive without internet.

21. I hold grudges.

22. I hate my teeth

23. My greatest fear is not being there for my children when they need me - or worse yet, my children never needing me.

24. If I could go back and do it all over again I would. In a minute.

25. I believe in God very strongly and have faith in His choices for me but I need a new religion. Catholicism isn't working out for me. Care to recommend one?


  1. Jean I am SO with you on quality versus quantity for friends. In fact, I'm currently on the fence about sustaining two friendships. I just can't justify occasional email(less than 1 a month) and a half dozen phone calls a year as a 'friend'

  2. I agree. If it feels like obligation it's not really friendship and not worth the effort.