Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So here it is, the first entry in the blog. Might not be interesting to anyone but me but here it is none the less. It's all about me, my crazy life and my even crazier family. And it's not always pretty.

I guess I'll start at the beginning. There's me. 35 but most days I feel older. There's hubby Sean, some days the love of my life, some days my worst enemy. It's all good.
Em is 9 going on 16. Mary is 6 and so full of energy we could use her to light up the house. Connor is 15 months and he makes our family complete. There are also two angels looking over us, Violet, who we lost at 11 weeks and our other angel we lost at 5 weeks. I miss the babies I never knew but had I known either one of them I wouldn't have Connor today. There's balance everywhere I guess.

Of course, there's an assorted cast of characters, much like the ones you'd see on Seinfeld or Friends. And they round out my pretty great life.


  1. oh, I'm really liking the hubby being the love of your life, but some days your worst enemy! Been there done that!

  2. I think only the love of your life can ever qualify as being your worst enemy. Otherwise you just wouldn't care enough to put that kind of effort in.