Friday, April 1, 2011

When Did I Get Old?

One of my Pumpkin Patch sisters commented the other day that her 3 year old son calls her "Mom" now instead of Mommy.

I remember that shift with Emily. Thankfully Mary and Connor still both call me Mommy but I remember how crushed I was when Emily stopped.

I see Emily now, 11 going on 20. She's a good kid. She's got good friends, she's got a good mind. She's not a follower in the sense that she gives into peer pressure - she knows right from wrong and more often than not makes the right choice (and when she makes the wrong choice it's not usually over something huge) She's not a leader in the sense that she's got a trail of kids behind her doing her bidding. She's got a few good friends and a wider group of more casual friends.  I'm proud of my pre teen.

The other day I was watching Survivor with Em. We both love the show still. I've made a wager with a co worker and each week I get closer to winning my bet.
This past Wednesday one of my people got voted off though. Afterward I texted a simple word to my co worker. "Shit"
He texted something back to me, I don't remember what but then I texted back "LOL"

Emily saw this and said "Did you just send LOL?"
Me: Yeah, why?
Emily: It's weird!
Me: What's weird? LOL? Is that 'not cool' to text anymore?
Emily: No! It's weird that YOU are saying LOL. That's for young people!

W. T. F.??? (Is THAT for young people smart ass??!!)

Upon further discussion I've discovered the following.

A: In Emily's eyes I'm old.

B: Just because other 11 year olds think I'm cool doesn't mean she does.

C: Just because I am in tune with the current young people trends (a perk of working in an elementary school) doesn't make me young/cool by default

D: Apparently, despite the fact that I was LOLing long before she was even born does not mean I'm permitted to use it in a text or IM's weird......I'm old.

So, I'm going to have to coin my own text-speak. One for us 'old people'

So, my dear online friends, the next time you post something I find humorous, I will not LOL you. I will post this:


Polite and Dignified Old Person Chuckle.


  1. Hehehe! So funny! Of course, Makenna thinks our 17 year old babysitter is old so I guess that makes us ancient!

  2. Dare I type it....LOL! Hahaha!