Friday, April 22, 2011

Well hello there!!

You're like an old friend who I haven't seen in ages. We have some catching up to do.

Okay, truth be known, my life is not really that exciting and mostly it's a bunch of the same ol' same ol'.

So I'll share some funny anecdotes from the week.

Remember back in the day (I say this like I'm old and lived back in the truth I'm talking more about back in my mom's day) when a young unmarried girl got pregnant they said she's in 'trouble'?

The other night I put Connor to bed. Connor has become the king of the stall so he called me in. He said. "Mommy, I need to tell you a question." (we're working on the tell/question thing)
I said "Sure, what?"
He said "I'm in trouble"
I said "Oh, you're in trouble? Are you pregnant?"
He said "Yes, I pragnut"

Congratulate me. Not only will I be a Nana but it's my son giving birth.

We're painting out living room today. I'll explain a bit. We have 4 walls (duh) One has a big huge bay window. One has french doors. One has another door and one has a faux fireplace and built in shelving. So there isn't a lot of actual wall space.

So here's the colour of the wall with the window and the two walls with doors. It's also the colour of the fireplace and the built in shelves. It's called "Vanilla Latte"

And here's the colour of the wall around the fireplace and built in shelves. It's the accent wall

Let's discuss this colour shall we. It's called "Tender Rose" It's an exact match of a different paint brand - the colour in that brand is called "Red Ochre". We chose it because it matches some of the colouring in our carpet. It looks really nice.

So we're at the paint store, the guy has mixed our Vanilla Latte and is mixing our other colour. There are two other young guys there waiting for their paint too. So our guy brings the Tender Rose over and puts the little dab of colour on the lid.

"Holy shit. It's PINK. I don't want PINK It's supposed to be like RED!!!!"

The guy looks at me (a little scared)

"Well, remember, it will dry darker. Do you want me to dry it so you can see?"

Sure, I say.

So he dries it. Meanwhile, I'm a little upset (not at paint dude - the paint was a perfect match with the chip) But it didn't look like pink on the chip. It looks like a darker shade of red!!

He comes back and shows me. Now Sean is laughing because the two other guys are laughing at Sean saying "Great, we're going to have a pink living room" The one guy next to me says, "Naw, it's not pink - it's salmon" I wanted to knock them both out

I said to the paint guy - can you throw a bit of black in there or brown to darken it up? He said, sure I can do that. All the while, Sean, the paint guy, and the two other guys are having a laugh at my distress at this supposed to be red- pink paint.

In the end, paint dude said to go with what we had, do the first coat and if it looks too pink to bring the rest back, he'll darken it up and we can do that for the  second coat.

The other two guys enjoyed their laugh at my expense (what kind of girl isn't happy about a pink room?? THIS ONE!!)

So when we were leaving the two other guys were leaving too. They got into their car next to us. It was red.
Sean called out the window - "Hey man, is that car PINK?" The one guy says back, "No, it's salmon."

Everyone's a comedian.

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  1. Hahaha that's a great story! Good luck with the painting!

    Also, I awarded your blog today!