Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shameless Plug Sunday

Remember Shameless Plug Sunday in which I plug the business of someone I love or maybe just some place I've been that I felt really great about having been?

Well I'm gonna do that again today. But the plug is for me.

Okay, well the plug isn't exactly for me but it's a plug for cancer.

Okay, it's not really a plug for cancer either 'cause, well let's face it, that shit's a bitch and we don't want to want to send cancer any good juju.

There are only 60 more sleeps until the Relay for Life and I am so far off of my fundraising goal it's crazy. We've raised only 20% of our goal so far.

That's. Not. Good.

So, friends I'm putting the plug out here....for y'all to consider.

You can click this link to get to our Relay for Life page and then you simply click the button under my Dad's picture that says "donate to Papa's Pride" and enter your info. And there's even an option to use PayPal. And, for my dear American readers - yes, even you can donate. Your money is good here and it's not a competition - the Canadian Cancer Society, the American Cancer's all good.

I'm not asking for the moon, just a couple of bucks will do. Every little bit helps.

April is Daffodil Month for the Canadian Cancer Society so Emily and I volunteered a few hours to sell daffodil pins at our local WalMart. It's not overwhelmingly fun but worthwhile nonetheless. We did good too, in our 3 hours I think we made about $200.

The work the Canadian Cancer Society does is so important any little bit I can do to help - to give back....I'm going to do it.

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