Thursday, April 17, 2014

Havin' a Ball

Did you know that soccer is the most popular sport in the world? Well, at least that's what Google tells me. I believe it though. Soccer doesn't require specialty equipment, can be played with just a few or with a lot of people (provided you're doing a casual game) You just need an open space, a ball and something to mark off goal would do.  Anyone can play it; it doesn't really take special skill to run around and kick a ball. (shhhh.....don't tell all the die hard soccer fans I said that)

Truth be known, I have little use for soccer. I played on my grade 8 soccer team. I don't think we won a single game but I had a crush on the coach and my best friend was on the team too.

This past Christmas I was at a local thrift shop (popping tags...haha) and Connor spotted a soccer ball. He just HAAAADDDD to have this soccer ball. So I sent Emily back in later to buy it for him and wrap it up to give him for Christmas (yeah, I gave my kid a used soccer ball for Christmas...wanna make somethin' of it?)

He loves this soccer ball. So much so that over the long, brutal, shitty, arctic winter we had his soccer ball had to mysteriously end up in my closet because I got sick of him kicking around the house.

Yesterday he told me he wanted to bring a soccer ball to school. He's joined into some of the other kids soccer games at recess but often times when we drop him off at school he'll wander in the school yard until he finds a friend. While he's never alone at recess, that drop off time breaks my heart.

So this morning I dug out his soccer ball and allowed him to bring it to school. He walked into the school yard and looked around. There didn't seem to be many kids around so he drop kicked his ball and ran after it.

It was like seagulls to a Cheeto, the kids flocked to him and before I could even start the car again he was enjoying a game of soccer with about 6 other boys.

It's that kind of thing I love to see. And it makes me wonder, there are so many kids who have a hard time making friends. Maybe something as simple as a soccer ball could help open that door. I know, as a painfully shy person myself, I will not approach new people but if new people approach me, I'm the friendliest person around. Maybe I should start bringing soccer balls with me whenever I go somewhere new.

Hmm, do you think they'll let me bring one to my first cake decorating class?

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