Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What was I thinking??

Sleep and sickness are two things that have always been a source of contention between Sean and I. Who gets more sleep. Who gets sick more often (or less often) and when sick, who actually gets time to recuperate rather than trudging on despite the illness.

A couple of months ago Sean got the flu. He spent an entire day in bed and I mean that quite literally. He came out only too use the bathroom (and throw up)
A few days later it occurred to me that since Emily was born I have not had one true sick day, in which if I was sick I knew I could get into bed, close the door on the world and just recover. So I told him this. His work schedule requires him to work weekends. His weekends are mid week - not my weekends. So really, the only way I could ever have a true sick day would be to get sick mid week, when he's home, and then close my daycare, not something I like to do. He promised me though, that the next time I was sick he would step in and give me a true sick day.

Well, he half kept his promise.
Monday morning, at about 1 am it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had the flu. Vomiting, aching, the whole works. Unfortunately the hour it hit me was not conducive to calling all my daycare parents and closing the daycare. Sean has had a lot of time off work lately so I didn't dare ask him to book the day off (truthfully, I wanted to see if chivalry would play into it at all and he'd offer to take the day off - no such luck) So 7 am rolled around. Sean is long gone to work (as an aside, on *his Friday* each week he stops on his way home from work and gets us beer and wings. So Monday, being his Friday, he left me a note on the counter saying he'd stop at St. Louis and get the wings for tonight. I'm thinking he thought I was exaggerating my flu symptoms....because naturally someone who spends the night barfing wants to follow it up with beer and wings)
So as I was saying, 7 am rolls around and Connor is waking. He's due for his much anticipated, 4 months late MMR shot on Wednesday. If he gets my flu not only does he miss the shot, but his chicken pox vaccine and second MMR are also going to be pushed back even further. Him missing the shot again is just not an option. It's already screwed up his vaccination schedule enough. So I made my way downstairs, scared the bejezuz out of my mother, and sobbing because I felt so crappy and was so desperately afraid that she'd have a full schedule of appointments for my dad that day, asked her to help me.
Mom's always save the day though. She stepped in, sent me to bed and took care of Emily, Mary and Connor and the daycare too. And I only got out of bed to pee (and throw up.)
Sean came home, stepped right in and took care of everything else for the rest of the day. He even brought me home Popsicles.

It's funny, I was so jealous of that day that Sean got to stay in bed and the whole world could have fallen apart around him and he wouldn't have known. That was my day yesterday and while it was comforting to know that I didn't have to worry about what was going on and that everyone and everything was taken care of, it sure wasn't worth the nasty flu I had.

I'm feeling a bit better today. I've closed the daycare for the day, just to make sure it's passed. The girls are at school, the boys are sleeping, and I'm enjoying the peacefulness of my house, nausea free. Now if I could just shake the headache.

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