Friday, February 13, 2009

The hair and the fashions

I spend a lot of time talking about Connor and not as much talking about the girls. I know. It's not for lack of things to say it's just that I spend so much more time with Connor. The girls are at school all day.

So let's talk about Emily's hair. The last haircut she had was over a year, and it was just a trim. She's been growing it ever since. It's beautiful, straight as an arrow, shiny and long. But now it's too long. So I've been encouraging her to get it cut. I've suggested that she cut it and donate it. I even sweetened the offer by saying we'd go to the actual salon rather than the kid place we used to take her. She's all for the idea....but here's the catch. The minimum length for donation is 10 inches. She has 10 inches but then she'd have really short hair afterward and I have to agree with her that it just would not suit her (she's double crowned too so she'd end up with alfalfa sprouts on the top of her head) So, now that I've thrown the suggestion out there and got her on board I have to wait for it to be long enough to donate 10 inches and still have enough left over for a decent hair style. My good deed/cut your hair suggestion bit me in the butt.

Mary Jo brings me a whole different set of day brighteners. My sweet, spirited, cut as a button daughter has a huge personality. She's got the fashion sense to match. This morning she came out for school dressed in the following. A hot pink long sleeve shirt. Hot pink capri tights (the kind you would wear under a short skirt) black socks, pulled right up to the knees. Now in description it doesn't sound odd but when I download the pic off the camera I'll post the pic. I'm usually pretty flexible with her clothes. As long as she's clean and her clothes are in good shape (no ripped pants, etc) and she's dressed appropriately for the days activities and weather I'm okay with letting her express herself with her bizarre wardrobe. But there are some mornings I swear she looks like the closet threw up on her. I'm going to start a photo blog for her I think. The many fashions of Mary Jo. I'm sure one day she'll appreciate that I took pictures of these wacky outfits. And if anything, I can blow them up and post them around the hall on her wedding day!

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