Sunday, November 10, 2013

What The Hell Was I Thinking??!!

You know when you have one of those stroke of genius ideas and then you look back on it a little later and say,

I've had that moment.

About a month ago at school one of the boys in grade 5 came to me and asked me if I was going to have my Christmas craft club again this year. You see, last year I thought it would be fun to get some of the older kids involved in a craft club, making ornaments and such to sell at our school's Christmas Fete (our annual Christmas concert/fundraiser)

The club was a great success, I had about 60 kids sign up and they made some super cute ornaments to sell.

So I thought, hey, sure why not. We'll do craft club again this year. So on the drive home from work I got to thinking about all the ornaments we could make and the spirit of Christmas fell upon me. (yes, in October)

And then I thought - WAIT! Why stop at a craft club. Wouldn't it be super fun to put on a Christmas play with some of the older kids? The younger kids do songs and such every year at the Fete but the older kids don't. How fun would it be to organize a Nativity play with the older kids.

I came home and Googled and found a really fun script, the Nativity as told from the point of view of the angels and it's got a modern spin on it. Love, love, love.

So I recruited 30 kids and a few teachers to help out and now I'm knee deep in nativity hell. Yeah, you read that right, nativity hell. (Sorry baby Jesus.)

Don't get me wrong, the kids are having fun and some of them have even memorized all their lines already. We still have over a month to rehearse and I'm sure they will be great. But the logistics of planning a play are tough. Because there are practices (limited to lunch hours and not in the gym because of volleyball and basketball practices) There is the scenery...I'm going to have to get kids working on that soon. There are costumes. We have virtually no budget for this play so it's whatever we can dig up.  Oh, and then there is the voices. My darling children, who through the run of a day are probably told to be quiet 500 times can't seem to find their loud voices in rehearsals. Oh, and the boy playing Joseph quit. He's got no lines so that's okay but since there are only 3 other boys in the play....well, my choices in replacements are limited.

I know it will work out and I'm sure it's going to be fantastic but I lay away thinking about it at night and wondering what possessed me to do such a thing.

As for the Christmas craft club. Next year.

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  1. You see? This is why I think you are so amazing! I could never do anything like this. I hated Christmas plays when I was a kid and even more so as a parent...I still Thank God every year-EVERY YEAR! that my kid is past all that crap and I dont have to help learn lines, find costumes, deal with big headed parents and pretend to give a S**T. Now that I am far removed from it I love them and all the imperfections (mostly because I dont have to sit through them, lol) Seriously though, your goal should be perfectly imperfect...don't sweat it. They'll be amazing as only little ones can be. (these days "little ones" are all under the age of 15, lmao!) Good luck cuz-I'm sure it'll be wonderful!!