Saturday, November 23, 2013

Judgey Judgerson

We all know someone who is a judgey judgerson right? Someone who looks down at you or someone else for something they do or say or how the behave. Yeah, we all know someone like that. A facebook friend posted a rant not long ago about people being so judgemental and how terrible they were. I have some thoughts on that.

I saw a guy at WalMart today wearing his pajamas. Yeah. His girlfriend/wife was wearing a pair of yoga pants that would have fit my 11 year old. She was not the size of my 11 year old. It was straight out of a 'people of walmart' video.  I'll admit, I took one look and judged them. Was it a fair assessment? Probably not. Maybe they were living in a shelter and those were the only clothes they had. Maybe they have a critically ill child and their priority is not their appearances.  

How about tattoos? I've got tattoos. Two of them (well technically 3 since one was done in two parts) One of my tattoos is highly visible, on my forearm. If I'm not wearing long sleeves you can't miss it. The other is on my lower leg/ankle so if I'm anything but pants, you can see it. I'm sure I'm judged because of them. As much as they are more socially acceptable these days, especially in women there are still many (mostly of the older generation) who might view me as trashy or uneducated.

It doesn't bother me, what they think. Given the opportunity I can prove otherwise, quite easily. I am intelligent, well spoken, educated and when need be, sophisticated (though I find sophisticated me to be a bit stuffy) My tattoos don't reflect my intelligence or worth. They reflect my victory over cancer and my children both here on earth and waiting for me in Heaven.  I chose their placement on my body, not so they would be somewhere in which I could hide them but because they were somewhere I could show them off. I paid a lot of money for these original works of art to be permanently put onto my body. Why would I hide them.

But I will still be judged.

You know that Mom who stares at her cell phone while her kids are playing in the park and she's missing it all? How about the parent whose child runs wild in the store? Or throws an unholy fit. How about the parent who takes their kids to McDonalds 4 times a week? What about the parents who don't sign their children up for any extra curricular activities because they are just too tired after work to take them? How about the parents who sign their kids up for so much that they can't keep schedules straight?

We judge them.

That brings me to the whole  reason behind this post.

We all know we should judge others. Judge not lest ye be judged, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and all the rest....

And we rant about others who judge. We judge them. That's right, we judge those people who judge others.


We want to be right? We want to feel better about ourselves at the expense of another? Perhaps.
 Who knows? Not me, that's for sure. But one thing I do know is that we will continue to rant about people who judge others, all the while, judging others.

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