Monday, September 3, 2012

What's For Lunch?

School is starting tomorrow, for me and the kids. That means school lunches.

I have fussy kids. They don't like refuse to eat a lot of things and what they will eat often times falls into the can't send to school list.

Peanut butter. Can't send peanut butter. I'm okay with that, I get it and frankly, don't want to be responsible for some other kid dying. Mary is receptive to alternatives and will eat soy butter. So for her, I can still send her 'peanut butter' sandwiches. Emily though, not happening. She insists she can tell the difference. I'm thinking I'll need to do the peanut butter challenge with her and see if she can tell the difference between peanut butter and soy butter. I'm betting she won't be able to to.

I would prefer not to send lunch meats for the kids, they aren't really that healthy and even with an ice pack they don't stay cold enough. Oh, and let's not mention my kids only like bologna and summer sausage. In other words, the shit meats.

Neither will eat hummus, I've yet to find a thermos that can actually keep food hot for the 3+  hours before lunch and both would be happy to eat cheese buns every. single. day.

So I decided to google healthy brown bag lunch ideas and I came this.

Are you kidding me?? 

Has this been my problem all this time? All I needed to do what cut their sandwiches into shapes and make boats out of oranges and cheese?

Who has this much time on their hands? I feel like worst mom of the year because I don't make themed lunches for my kids. I wonder if those dolphin sandwiches are full of tuna....and then does that mean it's not dolphin friendly tuna?

Seriously though, I truly have to wonder who goes to all this effort for their kids lunches and who they are trying to impress. It really can't be the kids, they just don't care that much. No matter what shape their sandwiches are, they are still trying to trade them with the kids who brought oreos and potato chips.

I'm not further ahead in my search for healthy school lunches for the kids and will likely cave and send them cheese buns everyday. At least I know they'll eat them.

Maybe the urge will strike and I'll cut those cheese buns to look like kittens.

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