Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're getting our new windows and doors installed this week. I'm thrilled, it will be nice to not freeze my butt off this winter. It will be nice, with Harley season approaching, that the street noise will be dulled a bit. And it will be nice that I'm going to see some massive savings on our utility bills.

What will not be nice is that I'm going to have the installers all through my house for three days. I don't do well with invasions like that. I was beyond stressed when we got the roof done a few years ago and they stayed outside. This will be a whole new ball game.

They'll be in the playroom which means a major cleaning when they go.
They'll be in the bedrooms, which means no sleep for Connor and ours and the girls rooms will be turned upside down so they can access the windows.
They'll be in my bathtub with their boots!

And to add in that little extra umph...it's going to rain. I know it will be worth it, I just have to survive the three days they'll be here.
Calgone...take me away!

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