Friday, April 10, 2009

Pacifier 1, Mommy 0

Emily was 15 months old when we took her soother away. She had just moved into her toddler bed. We gave her a little piggy finger puppet that I had been given at the hospital when she was born to hold on to, she liked flicking the tail on it (Emily was a flicker) It worked like a charm. We chucked the soothers out and she never balked even the slightest.

Mary Jo just gave up her thumb. It was hard for her and she still breaks down occasionally and cries because she misses it. But I'm already seeing a difference in her overbite so as much as she's missing it, she's not sucking in secret.

I decided today would be the day to take Connor's soother away. He's 18 months this weekend. He's in his big boy bed now so this is the next step. Plus, I think the longer I wait the harder it will be for him.

Now it's probably just because I was tired today and feeling crappy because Sean had to work. I've been encouraging Connor to cuddle his lovey bear (one of those blankets with a stuffed animal head) He loves his lovey bear. So today, I stashed his soothers in his sock drawer (yep, mistake number 1. I'm not new at this, I know better - I should have thrown it out, that way I can't cave in and give it back) As soon as we went into his room he went straight for the dresser (we keep them on top of his dresser so he can't suck when he's not in bed) I showed him that they were all gone and tucked him into bed for his nap. It was a little earlier than usual (mistake number 2, he wasn't tired enough) and went out. 2 minutes later I can hear him as if he's standing next to me. When I went into his room he had the base of the monitor in his hands and he was yelling into it "Mamamamamama" So I tucked him into bed again, told him "night night" and went out. 2 minutes later I hear him playing with his toys (mistake number 3, I should have turned the shelf around so he couldn't get to the toys.) So again, tuck him into bed, clean up his toys and go out of the room. 2 minutes later I hear him giggling. Apparently lovey bear is one funny character when he's flung around the room.

Patience was not my virtue today. I just wanted him to sleep before Emily's friend came over so I caved. The "doodoo" came out of the drawer and the giggle from Connor was a mix of victory and pure joy to see his long lost friend.
And 2 minutes later he was fast asleep.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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