Monday, July 22, 2013

One Boob, Two Boob....

Tomorrow is the big day, the day I get my new boob.

I'm nervous about the surgery, the things everyone get nervous about - not waking up, etc.

But I'm also nervous about it not working. There is always a slight chance that because of the radiation I had that there will be scar tissue and hardening. If that happens I have to have to implant removed. Back to prosthetics.

And I'm worried about developing lymphedema from it. I'm not even allowed to have my blood pressure taken in my right arm and now I'm having major surgery on that side.

A lot of questions. A lot of worries.

But if it all works I will be a lot happy. It will be nice to be able to buy pretty bras again. It will be nice to buy a regular bathing suit again. It will be nice to buy dresses and shirts that show cleavage because I'll have some again.

Cross your fingers for me.

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